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That little known agency with well known clients.

Online Marketing. Offline Results.


Marketing is art. Marketing is communication. Marketing is results.
Our suite of digital marketing services are designed to attract and retain customers and to look good doing it. Team up with us in one area or across all of your digital media platforms. It’s your voice. We’ll be sure that it’s heard.

Social Media

Anyone can use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Only a few excel at gathering an audience and communicating in a way they want to hear the message. The strategies are organic . The voice is your brand. The results are real.

Digital Ads

Facebook Ads. Google Adwords. Instagram Ads. Twitter Ads. Retargeting Campaigns. We do it all and never mark-up the ad spend. Get results without over-spending.

Web Design

We’re building affordable websites that are SEO optimized and engineered to convert web traffic into foot traffic. We won’t build an eBay or an Amazon, but if you want a modern site that looks awesome and brings customers to your business – we can do that.

Reputation Management

We listen. Online reviews can be a very harmful or very helpful. When things don’t go right and a bad review is received – we see this as an opportunity. We work with our clients to respond and covert poor reviews into raving fans!


Your business is unique. Your brand is a reflection of the people it employs and serves. Your first impression online should reflect this. We represent dozens of brands – each with their own unique story. We want to help you tell your story.


Your customers learn about your business and products online first. Our photography team specializes in lifestyle images for online use that communicate the culture of your brand.

who we are

We’re into measuring results. Some of them matter. Others don’t.

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Recognize where the growth opportunities are. Together, we’ll discover the areas that need improvement.


Digital marketing allows your business to talk to the specific people who need to hear your message.


Interact with your audience in a way that promotes a healthy relationship. Communicate in the manner they’ll listen. Don’t flood your friends with ads.


Review. Revisit. Reevaluate. Find out if your communications are solving the problem originally identified. If not, make a change. If so, stay the course.


Michael Perozzo


Michael started ZZoom Media in 2010 out of a passion for creative advertising and an intrigue into the world of digital media. His experience with past startups coupled with an education in traditional marketing gave him a unique perspective towards digital marketing. Was once known as DarthBlazer.

Cheree Shuman


Cheree runs a tight ship when it comes to ZZoom Media’s business practices. She is the point of contact for accounts payable/receivable and human resources. She loves to volunteer in community projects in her hometown of Ridgefield, WA. Cancer survivor. She’d rather be at Disneyland.

Will Smith

fresh prince of marketing

In Western Washington, born and raised, in a band is where he spent most of his days. Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool and shootin’ some b’ball outside of a school. When he went hard in the paint and had his shot denied, he hit his head on the pavement and became an advertising savant.

Andrew Cooper

level 20 communications wizard

Andrew is a creative talent with an uncanny ability to write quips and puns. He is an avid gamer with a weekly comic book podcast. When not applying his creative talents for our clients, he’s a youth pastor and actively involved with GameChurch.com.

Josh Tibbits

master of tidbits

Josh has an eye for creative design in photography and film. He’s produced in both fields professionally for a number of years and brings a flair for visual creative to our team. A touring musician in a previous life, it’s impossible to find an IPA that Josh won’t drink.

Ashley Jhaveri

digital bedazzler

Full of energy and exuberance, Ashley’s zest for life is apparent to anyone who meets her. As the lead graphic designer, her creativity is only matched by her passion for visual communications.  On the weekends, Ashley lives where the wild things are as King Max.

David Bilby

web spinner

David has been building websites, coding and maintaining servers since 1999. He knows a thing or two because he’s seen a thing or two. He also founded and runs a housing and rehabilitation non-profit called GoConnect.

Frank Shuman


Frank comes from a background of print communications with decades of sales and strategic marketing experience. He brings the ZZoom Media team a complete understanding of marketing best business practices, as well as operations and infrastructure.

Jenn Cole

cat lady

Jenn is a classically trained graphic designer who draws on many influences from her world travels. Even with a keen eye for design and brilliant typography, she still enjoys a gawdy cat meme just as much as the rest of us.



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That little known agency with well known clients.



Humble Brags.

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  • THIS IS AMAZING!! I love it! I was giggling while reading it cuz y'all are just so funny, and yet learned SO MUCH at the same time! This is going to be fan-freakin-tastic!! YAHOOO!!!!

    Jennifer Young Marketing Director, Figaro's Pizza
  • If I haven't told you today, you guys are doing a fantastic job!

    Bill McKibbin COO, Original WOW! Burger
  • "Just doing my due diligence and looking at your account, whoever you all chose is doing a fantastic job with your social media pages. I’m happy everything worked out for you all!"

    Taylor some guy who works for a competitor

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